Trade Manager for MT4 & MT5

Forex intuitive trading panel with position size calculator and visual placing orders

Determination of transaction risk by calculating possible profits and losses. Precise designation of TP and SL levels for each transaction. These are the basic activities that every trader of financial markets must face with. The purpose of these calculations is very simple, achieving satisfying profits from FX transactions, with a minimum of risk. This is certainly the dream of each trader. This makes it difficult for new investors to take their first steps in this market. Of course, experienced traders are always looking for solutions that help in planning and placing orders on this dynamic market.

Various tools for traders are very helpful, but the use of many programs at the same time, unfortunately, is not very comfortable. What would you say for one tool with advanced functionality that significantly simplifies trades planning, helps in managing trades and reduces risk? Our Forex Trade Manager product is the answer to the growing customer demand, both those experienced and just starting their trading career.

Do not you believe that one tool is enough to make investing safer, easier and much more effective? Forex Trade Manager has:

  • intuitive, visual determination of Stop Loss and Take Profit levels;
  • a modern algorithm that effectively determines the risk of trading before it is executed;
  • determination of the value of trade;
  • precise calculation of the risk to reward ratio;
  • the ability to open and close transactions from one panel, quickly and very intuitively.

The program was built based on a very ergonomic interface. You only need a moment to understand all the functions and open your first trades. Forex Trade Manager works perfectly with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. This product is the result of many months of hard work of the best financial markets specialists. From the beginning, our goal was to create a tool that will be adapted to all traders' needs. The simplicity of functionality hides very modern and advanced algorithms that have been developed based on our extensive experience. The program significantly automates the trading process and helps to accurately assess the risk without wasting time on a complex analysis.

Check out our renowned Forex Trade Manager just now.

With Forex Trade Panel you can become a professional trader here and now by significantly improving the efficiency of your investments and reducing amount of wrong decisions.

Oystein Knudsen

“Awesome tool!!! Best Trade manager I`ve ever used!”

Ash H

“Great tool and an even greater developer who responds quickly and takes his customers ideas/requests into consideration”


“Wie bei allen Indikatoren wo ich bei euch erworben habe......Daumen Hoch und 5 Sterne. Service von Janusz und Guard wie immer Grandios. Vielen Dank für die Super Betreuung!”


“Just bought this product, but been using its free trial to get hands on. This product is really a boon for manual traders. Nice visual interface with several additional features that are extremely helpful for manual traders. One thing i want to mention here is the support provided by Janusz, very customer friendly, always open for suggestions to improve the product's usability. Thanks for this wonderful product...”

Chih Wen Yang

“Useful for manual traders.”


“This tool is just mandatory if you want to have proper risk management !!! Really easy to use.”


“Beautiful user interface. Very easy to use and set up. The most important thing for trading is to place the proper lot size with acceptable risk. This tool makes such work very simple to understand. Either new or professional traders should try this trade manager ea. The update will be coming and more interesting functions will be added. This EA developer makes his best work and it worths all the paid money.”

charles onkst

“Easiest TM I have used so far and very stable. When trailing options have been added will be hard to beat.”


“Been using this tool for a full week about 4 to 5 hours every day. Super simple to use and just perfect for scalpers like me that rely on fast execution. There has been no bugs or lags experienced while using this EA. Love it!”

Ten Yue

“Just bought it today, love it.”

Sebastian Jankowski

“Very usefull Tool! 5 stars from me”

Charles Thomas

“Great work by the way! Save me the hassle of calculating position size. Recommend!”

Diana F. Fuentes

“Very useful tool. Recommend to all who need software to makes necessary trade calculations quick and easy.”

Jürgen Shuster

“Thats brilliant thank you. Great tool exactly what ive been looking for.”

Easy visual transaction planning.

easy visual transaction planning

Watch the video below to check what features has EA Trade Manager and how it works.

If you want to test a FULLY FUNCTIONAL VERSION of the Trade Manager please contact us for a free 7-day trial.

Trade Manager MT4
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Trade Manager MT4
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Trade Manager MT5
lifetime licence

+ free updates & free technical support

Trade Manager MT5
3 month rent

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