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"Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve."
Napoleon Hill            

Our company specializes in developing software to automate trading the financial markets. Our principal business is the programming of Expert Advisors, indicators, scripts and other tools to simplify and automate trading the Forex market. We create applications for both the most popular forex platform MetaTrader 4/5 and also stand-alone applications for fast market data analyzing and for interchange data between different platforms.

Forex Trade Manager MT4 / MT5

forex trade manager position size calculator mt4 mt5
forex trade manager position size calculator mt4 mt5
forex trade manager position size calculator mt4 mt5
forex trade manager position size calculator mt4 mt5
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Expert Advisors

Expert Advisors are programs that allow automation of the analytical and trading processes. When you run Expert Advisor, you no need to constantly keep an eye on charts waiting for expected buy or sell signals. You can simply run previously programmed robot, which will quickly do proper action in the right time. Robots never make any action under the influence of emotions, so this allows them successfully and perfectly executing developed strategies.

forex indicators



Technical indicators look to predict the future price levels, or simply the general price direction, of a security by looking at past patterns. Its value is derived from generic price activity. Technical indicators are used most extensively by active traders in the market, as they are designed primarily for analyzing short-term price movements. This could be also using to identify good entry and exit points for the stock by analyzing the long-term trend.

forex scripts



Scripts are short programs which perform very specific tasks. Scripts are usually using to make specified computations, which are using in more complex analysis process. Scripts could also be using for extending the functionality of traing platforms.

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Sometimes Experts Advisors, Technical Indicators and Scripts are insufficient to perform some specific tasks due its limitations. Some kind of operations need stand-alone applications, which can do complicated computations very fast, make advanced analysis and merge data from many sources.

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