TPA True Price Action MT4 & MT5 Indicator

follow marketmakers and be on the right side of market

TPA True Price Action indicator reveals the true price action of the market makers through 100% non-repainting signals strictly at the close of a candle!

TPA shows entries and re-entries, every time the bulls are definitely stronger than the bears and vice versa. Not to confuse with red/green candles. The shift of power gets confirmed at the earliest stage and is ONE exit strategy of several.

TPA has been developed by traders for traders and is not another combination out of existing indicators or a "magic, solve all situations" tool.

It is the answer for beginners and experienced traders about the misleading concepts of the mainstream, causing 90% of retail traders, never making a living out of trading.

Successful traders are "following the smart money" and do NOT try to catch every move from start to end. Consistent traders catching the large moves after a confirmed start with a good money management. They stay out of choppy, low momentum phases in smaller timeframes and wait for the right signal to enter and re-enter the large moves.

Once you recognize the potential of so many confirmed re-entries, exit strategies, you'll see that TPA is far from mainstream concepts.

Profitable trading is a kind of art and needs knowledge and training. There is no magic holy grail, solving every situation on every market. By getting away from mainstream thinking, not rushing in and getting rid of illusions about being rich in a month, you are finally on the right track, getting a consistent and successful trader.

Trading needs discipline and strong decisions, not a "gambling attitude"

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“Hallo, vielen Dank für diesen richtig guten Indikator, es ist mir zuerst nicht leicht gefallen damit umzugehen, aber Dank der sehr guten Beratung von Guard klappt es jetzt schon super gut. Bin jetzt schon sehr zufrieden mit dem Indikator und den gehandelten Umsätzen. An dieser Stelle nochmal Herzlichen Dank an Guard, der wirklich ein sehr guter Berater ist und einen guten Job macht. Respekt. LG. Ralf”


“Fantastic tool one of the best that I have used I have worked with it now for months and customised my own settings and style.”


“This indicator is very good it has a lot of potential, the support from the authors is very good, the authors are very supportive they teach and share charts, settings on how to use the indicator to get profitable results. Guard is very passionate about teaching and making everyone to see the light, to be independent and a profitable trader, this is very good especially for novice, beginners and all traders in different levels.”


“it's a very interesting indicator. Entries and re-entries are good. Doesn't repaint. However it doesn't tell you good exits. Exiting at the opposite signal let a lot of pips on the table. Still have to figure out what I could do best. I can only give 4 stars for now, because I see a lot of potential in this product, but still have to figure out how to best use it for profits regarding the exit points. The vendor is very open in giving advices and trade recommendations and is already working on an EA to automate all of this. This give me hope that this vendor is one of the few 1% here not willing to scam you and really selling a profitable product and caring about the product and safeguarding our accounts.”


“This indicator is great - combines trend and price action. It totally fits to my trading style and offers tremendous chances to beat most perfomances. I am in this frading business over thirty years and I can honestly say thats the one tool I was looking for, all the years ! If it fits to your trading style, too there is no alternative in my eyes. Congrats for this "eye opener" ! Even a great indicator needs good support to save time and money - this indicator has it - no question !”


“After some dialogue with Janusc I took the plunge and bought the indicator, so far everything has gone perfectly, very happy and look forward to a long and profitable relationship. It's been almost 4 months since I bought this indicator and it has changed the way I think about trading. I now use it not just as an entry indicator but it also lends itself to developing proper risk management protocols. Instead of going all in and then scaling out of trades the arrows and dots get you to enter the initial trade with a smaller lot size and then scale in as the trade develops, this results in an exposure which is smaller at the beginning and then if the trade develops you can increase your exposure whilst protecting your capital. Overall very happy with my purchase and the service from Janusc and Guard has been exceptional.”


“(..)The performance, once you have optimized it to your style, pair, instrument, time frame, aggression levels, matching strategy, is nothing like I have seen before, no single setting will satisfy all styles and personalities, but guidance is already given in the comments. I hated arrow indicators as they have so many "but ifs", "ignore if", "only take if" and then have to match it with 2+ lagging indicators and you get in just too late by the time they match. With this one you get in "just in time" or even early if you understand volume based trading, in fact, it gives you the opportunity to enter the trend even after a major signal at a later stage, but I use these dots just to check I am still rolling in the "correct" mud for the time being (..)”

M. Asad Farooq

“Solid ,Must have for me now .Bought it. Support is excellent seller tells the real Stuff to understand this indicator instead of fancy Stuff. Fully Recommended”


“This indicator is well constructed and very helpful. I use it in a separate EA. Thank you very much!”

TPA True Price Action Indicator MT4
lifetime licence
TPA True Price Action Indicator MT4
1 month rent
TPA True Price Action Indicator MT5
lifetime licence
TPA True Price Action Indicator MT5
1 month rent

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