TPA True Price Action MT4 Indicator

Forex TPA indicator reveals the true actions of the marketmakers when they happen, without "lagging" calculations or vague interpretations of volume etc.

"Do not fight against the marketmakers, just follow them" is the best advice a trader can get.

TPA indicator shows signals every time the bulls are definitely stronger than the bears and vice versa.

Entry and reentry buy/sell signals

Signals occur always right at the closed candle to confirm the true price action. The indicator doesn’t repaint (no recalculation with different results) and no delay.

Indicator generates signals every time marketmakers change market direction AND follow-up signals into that direction, often several candles in a row.

Didn`t you think a hundred times:" If I only could have traded those candles following each other with the same color"!

Well, here you go. From now on you can.

MTF short- and long-term filters

If you enable one or even two multi-timeframe-filters, short-term filter and long-term filter, you get signals in trend direction ONLY, no counter trend signals until exit signal occurs when market changes direction confirmed by trend filters.

If you turn those filters off, you get pure price action signals with all counter-trend-signals. Ideal for scalpers.

Those features making TPA True Price Action Indicator a very unique and one of a kind indicator no one else has to offer.

Now that you can scale in trades (additional trades), you can reduce your traded pairs to one or two pairs.

That means less chart hours, less work, but way more profitable signals.

How to use indicator

TPA indicator is for trend traders and for scalpers. It works on all timeframes, forex pairs, metals, commodities, indices etc.

Binary options will be more profitable too.

M5 or M15 for day traders is very good to avoid too much noise and not to miss changes in forex market direction.

For those who have not the time to sit in front of the charts, higher timeframes can be traded too, or email and push notifications alerts will help trading the smaller timeframes.

If you use the short term filter, please set "price low" for an uptrend and "price high" for a downtrend.

Please let us know what asset you trade in what timeframe and we will tell you the most profitable settings.

As markets behave flexible, the TPA indicator should be used flexible.

Please check out the trading examples where short movements can produce four or five times the amount of money with True Price Action signals.

Early entries, after marketmakers changed the direction of the market, meaning smaller stop loss, longer runs until exit and more scale in trades with the reentry alerts function.

Signal alerts

TPA True Price Action indicator comes with pop-up message alerts, e-mail alerts and push notifications.

True Price Action Indicator for MT4

True Price Action Indicator for MT5