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List of changes and new features in Trade Manager ver. 3.39:

Fixes and improvements

In this version of the program we have made a few fixes and improvements. We have detected and fixed an issue of multi-level Break Even operation for subsequent levels defined as risk reward (rr). The problem only affected the Trade Manager version for MT4.
Additionally, we have improved on-the-fly updating of the partial close level when modifying a pending transaction.
Added missing M30 timeframe for Trailing Stop variants. This issue also only affected the MT4 version.

A parameter for determining the precision of the transaction risk value

As traders with diverse account sizes, we understand the importance of precise risk assessment. Those of you managing big funded accounts have expressed the need for more precised risk value calculations, while those with smaller balances prefer simplicity over unnecessary complexity. To cater to both preferences, we’ve introduced a customizable feature that allows you to define the precision of your transaction risk percentage.

Within the program settings window, navigate to the “RISK” section and locate the “Risk % value precision” parameter.

Here, you can choose between 0 to 3 digits for your risk calculation accuracy. By default, the setting is 2 digits, maintaining the familiar approach. Opting for 3 digits enables you to pinpoint your risk assessment down to one thousandth of a percent, providing a higher level of precision for those who seek it.

4 thoughts on “TRADE MANAGER MT4/MT5 – WHAT’S NEW IN VER. 3.39

  1. Hi Janusz,
    what would be the workflow to trade a pullback where the entry price level, SL and TP only gets activated when a certain price level is reached? For example, I want to enter DE40 Long at 17200, but the price first needs to reach 17300 (to break the recent high) to activate the order and enters the trade when it pulls back to 17200.
    Thanks for your support!


  2. Hello, is it possible to leave the S/L and T/P virtual orders virtual? With other EA’s this is usually called a stealth order. With Trade Manager, after an order is filled, I see the S/L and T/P in the MT4 terminal. Instead, I want the trade manager to keep those levels virtual. Is this possible?

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