List of changes and new features in Trade Manager ver. 3.37: Virtual Pending Orders Trailing Pending Orders Limit Pullback Orders Automatic correction of the SL and TP distance after placing the market order Expanding/collapsing sections in the main panel Disable (hide) spread Fixes and improvements Virtual Pending Orders Virtual pending orders are orders that are not sent to the broker and are kept in the program’s memory. When the current price reaches the opening price of the virtual pending order, it is activated, i.e. the…Continue Reading “TRADE MANAGER MT4/MT5 – WHAT’S NEW IN VER. 3.37”

List of changes and new features in Trade Manager ver. 3.36: Hotkeys Trading Alerts Spread visible in main panel Include spread in Stop Loss and Take Profit New tags for texts in order information bars Cyclic refreshing of SL and TP distance based on ATR Modification of only SL or only TP for a group of orders Some fixing and improving Hotkeys From now on, placing orders can be even faster and more convenient. Now in Trade Manager you can assign hotkeys to the most…Continue Reading “TRADE MANAGER MT4/MT5 – WHAT’S NEW IN VER. 3.36”

List of changes in Trade Manager ver. 3.35: stealth mode for SL / TP – possibility to hide stop loss or take profit possibility to disable SL / TP automatic SL / TP setting function for orders opened without stop loss and take profit possibility to define Trailing Stop parameters as risk reward (“rr”) possibility to set parameters of partial closing, Trailing Stop and Break Even as price / level a new tag has been added that displays the ratio of the current profit to…Continue Reading “TRADE MANAGER MT4/MT5 – WHAT’S NEW IN VER. 3.35”

List of changes in Trade Manager ver. 3.34: visualization of partial closing levels on a chart new tags have been added to the text configuration improvement and optimization of the open/stop/target block operation abandoning the transparency of texts on the bars in open/stop/target block the possibility of increasing the height of the bars in open/stop/target block correct work with chart templates added possibility to trade a lot greater than max. allowed lot (divided into few trades). Visualization of partial closing levels on a chart The…Continue Reading “TRADE MANAGER MT4/MT5 – WHAT’S NEW IN VER. 3.34”

The Trade Manager program is built to easily plan, place and manage orders on the Metatrader 4 and 5 platform.By using the Trade Manager program you can control your risk and you don’t have to sit in front of the monitor all the time managing your opened trades because the program will do it for you. In the Trade Manager program you get: automatic calculation of the deal size based on the risk % calculations of stop and target values in the account currency automatic…Continue Reading “Trade Manager – user manual”

The main change in the latest version is the extension of the management of open transactions. Now you have the option of manually modifying the order by moving the lines on the chart (the same as when planning the order) and assigning individual settings to each open order from the current symbol. After opening the order, the program assigns an information bar to the opening line, which displays basic information about the order, e.g. lot size, transaction type, or the current transaction profit. The bar…Continue Reading “TRADE MANAGER MT4/MT5 – WHAT’S NEW IN VER. 3.30”

In version 3.20 of Trade Manager, we added a few minor features that will certainly improve the program functionality. New additional options of panel zoom: 80%, 200%, 225%, 250% We have added additional levels of the panel zoom (200%, 225% and 250%) and one option to reduce the panel (80%). Added a dialog box where you can set the exact level of the opening price In previous versions of the program, it was possible to set the exact order opening level by changing the properties…Continue Reading “TRADE MANAGER MT4/MT5 – WHAT’S NEW IN VER. 3.20”

In version 3.00 of Trade Manager we introduced new open / stop / target lines with a completely new look and additional functions. Line handling will now be easier and more convenient. The entire block can be freely moved in the chart area by clicking on the opening price bar and also widening and narrowing the entire block by clicking and moving the mouse at the right or left edge of the block. There are buttons on the bars: Reverse Button a button for quickly…Continue Reading “TRADE MANAGER MT4/MT5 – WHAT’S NEW IN VER. 3.00”

OCO (One Cancels the Other) A one-cancels-the-other order (OCO) is a pair of conditional orders stipulating that if one order executes, then the other order is automatically canceled. After activating the OCO function, Trade Manager “remembers” all pending orders and when one of them is activated, the rest are deleted. WARNING! Removing one of the orders does not cancel the other ones, but only activation the pending order will do it. Drawing and clearing lines (open, stop and target) is on the one button After…Continue Reading “Trade Manager MT4/MT5 – what’s new in ver. 2.40”

The partial close is a feature that allows you to only close part of a trade, therefore securing at least a small profit from early close on a portion of that trade or perform a phased exiting from a losing trade. In Trade Manager, you can perform partial trade close automatically or manually. Manual closing part of Trade On the panel in the main tab is a button to close part of the trade. What part of the transaction will be closed after clicking the…Continue Reading “Trade Manager MT4/MT5 – partial closing”