The main change in the latest version is the extension of the management of open transactions. Now you have the option of manually modifying the order by moving the lines on the chart (the same as when planning the order) and assigning individual settings to each open order from the current symbol. After opening the order, the program assigns an information bar to the opening line, which displays basic information about the order, e.g. lot size, transaction type, or the current transaction profit. The bar…Continue Reading “TRADE MANAGER MT4/MT5 – WHAT’S NEW IN VER. 3.30”

In version 3.20 of Trade Manager, we added a few minor features that will certainly improve the program functionality. New additional options of panel zoom: 80%, 200%, 225%, 250% We have added additional levels of the panel zoom (200%, 225% and 250%) and one option to reduce the panel (80%). Added a dialog box where you can set the exact level of the opening price In previous versions of the program, it was possible to set the exact order opening level by changing the properties…Continue Reading “TRADE MANAGER MT4/MT5 – WHAT’S NEW IN VER. 3.20”

In version 3.00 of Trade Manager we introduced new open / stop / target lines with a completely new look and additional functions. Line handling will now be easier and more convenient. The entire block can be freely moved in the chart area by clicking on the opening price bar and also widening and narrowing the entire block by clicking and moving the mouse at the right or left edge of the block. There are buttons on the bars: Reverse Button a button for quickly…Continue Reading “TRADE MANAGER MT4/MT5 – WHAT’S NEW IN VER. 3.00”

After over a year of presence on the market of the TPA True Price Action indicator and consultations with our customers, we are introducing a new option in the indicator. It is an option in the “Early signals” filter and it improves the signals. When this option is turned on, the signals appear earlier than usual. However, please note that the signals in this option are not 100% non-repaint. Occasionally, especially with sharp changes in the direction of the market, some signals may disappear. However,…Continue Reading “TPA – early signals mode”

OCO (One Cancels the Other) A one-cancels-the-other order (OCO) is a pair of conditional orders stipulating that if one order executes, then the other order is automatically canceled. After activating the OCO function, Trade Manager “remembers” all pending orders and when one of them is activated, the rest are deleted. WARNING! Removing one of the orders does not cancel the other ones, but only activation the pending order will do it. Drawing and clearing lines (open, stop and target) is on the one button After…Continue Reading “Trade Manager MT4/MT5 – what’s new in ver. 2.40”

The partial close is a feature that allows you to only close part of a trade, therefore securing at least a small profit from early close on a portion of that trade or perform a phased exiting from a losing trade. In Trade Manager, you can perform partial trade close automatically or manually. Manual closing part of Trade On the panel in the main tab is a button to close part of the trade. What part of the transaction will be closed after clicking the…Continue Reading “Trade Manager MT4/MT5 – partial closing”

Session opening levels are frequently points, where market makers let price return, to draw in the opposite participants, into the direction of their goal. This is one of the methods, market makers use, to give a “discount” to reach the price levels they want. TPA Sessions indicator is important complement of TPA indicator to make trading more effective and also can be used for exit strategy. It needs to be well-tuned to get benefits of using TPA sessions indicator. Due to different time zones and…Continue Reading “How to properly set up TPA Sessions”

Hello traders, today we are starting to show you some TPA trades combined with TPA Sessions, including important explanations. We would like to demonstrate the potential of TPA and TPA sessions to make you look at the markets in a different, more simple way. Please remember, we are not providing trading advices, you are always trading at your own risk. This is just a way, TPA could be used!!! GBPNZD M15. Settings: TPA Line active (short term filter), H1, periods 21, Smooth Factor 3 (bit…Continue Reading “Live trades with TPA and TPA Sessions + Explanations.”

Hello TPA traders, thank you for your patience, to wait for the promised blog about trading with TPA True Price Action 2.0 and TPA Sessions indicator ! As we are no pro marketers, it took a while to handle all the work and preparing. We created a whole new view on the charts instead. Out of seven years of trading experience and the conclusion, that mainstream teaching and trading, leads to nowhere. There must be something simple, nobody is talking about… Quick recap, what TPA…Continue Reading “Real TPA trading with instruction manual !”

Hello TPA traders !! TPA True Price Action indicator will be available with the TPA Line on October 12th. The price for this unique indicator, will be adjusted on November first. The following pictures showing TPA True Price Action indicator with the new TPA Line and our TPA Sessions indicator (colored lines of Tokyo, Frankfurt, London and New York sessions opening prices) This is just an example of GBPAUD M15 chart for comparing some possibilities, to use this unique feature of the TPA Line. You…Continue Reading “Announcement respective TPA True Price Action MT4/MT5 indicator.”